Services offered by a Medical Spa

A medical spa is a place where one can avail treatment services like facials, massages, cosmetic care, etc.  A medical care is different from a regular spa regarding its operations that take place under the supervision of a professional healthcare expert. A medical health care expert provides basic treatment and facilities for wellness in a single set up that provides a combination of rejuvenation and soothe of a spa.

Serenity Rejuvenation

There are no specific rules regarding the provision of service that one can avail in a medical spa. Medical spa and the range of services that they offer are completely dependent on their owner. The common services that are provided in almost all the medical spa are medical facials, chemical skin peeling, laser hair removals, photorejuvenation, tissue tightening, Botox, acne treatment, microdermabrasion, etc.  The procedures which require extreme medical supervision like sclerotherapy, cosmetic surgery, lipoplasty, etc. are carried in very less medical spas.  There are various types of medical spas that offer a variety of services.

Medical spa for men: A medical spa for men offers different services for men’s wellness.  These services include facials, nutrition consultation, massages, etc. Skin treatment services like skin tightening, laser hair removal is also provided in most men’s spas.

Women’s medical spa: Medical spas are very common in the gulf countries. These spas provide services that are female centred. These medical spas have female staffs which ensure the client of comfort and privacy.

Medical spas for anti ageing: These kinds of spas concentrate on the services like exercise and advice for diet, etc.

These medical spas use hormonal therapy, fitness advice, and nutrition for the management of age.…

Necessary technologies for a medical spa

The market of medical spas is growing day by day with the increasing in importance of appearance in this competitive world. It has become important to involve improved technologies in the medical spas to gain a competitive edge over other competitors.

Now days, many physicians are opening their own medical spas which have been a common sight in most of the important cities. Therefore, it has become important to carry the devices that have high demand in the medical cosmetic.

 In order to be in competition in the aesthetic sector, it is important to have three different devices. One must include the devices for tightening of the skin, devices for contouring of body, and some devices for wrinkles. The most effective devices that one needs to have in his medical spa are radio frequencies, laser lipolysis for tightening of skin and contouring of body, and a fractional device for wrinkles. One can gain competitive advantage over the other medical spas and deliver great results to the patients. These devices are complicated o use but with the introduction of new and advanced technology devices pave ways for the introduction of devices that are better in delivering improved results to the patients. There are a number of advanced technologies like cryo lipolysis, ultrasound, and many other radio frequency devices that are about to find their ways into gaining popularity in the medical spa industry.…